Woodcock-Johnson III Edition - Australian Adaptation

Woodcock-Johnson III Edition - Australian Adaptation [WJ III]
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For: Two co-normed Batteries - Tests of Achievement & Tests of Cognitive Abilities

Reading Level: For ages 2 to 90 years

Format: Combination of interview/paper & pencil format
Software for scoring

Length: Various subtest clusters may be selected or full battery administered

Scoring: Computer Scored

Hand Scoring Materials
923576 WJ III Achievement Test Record Forms (Form B) (25) - Australian Edition - $165.00
Pack of 25 forms.
923597 WJ III Achievement Subject Response Booklets (Form B) (25) Australian Edition - $165.00
923606 WJ III Cognitive Test Record Forms (25) - Australian Edition - $165.00
Pack of 25 forms.
923627 WJ III Cognitive Subject Response Booklets (25) - Australian Edition - $165.00
Pack of 25 booklets for Cognitive Battery.
923632 WJ III Cognitive Brief Intellectual Ability Test Record Forms (25) - Australian Edition - $88.00
Pack of 25 Brief Record forms - Australian Edition.
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The Woodcock-Johnson III (WJ III) consists of two distinct, co-normed batteries: 

  • The WJ III Tests of Achievement
  • The WJ III Tests of Cognitive Abilities

Together, these batteries comprise a wide age-range, comprehensive system for measuring general intellectual ability (g), specific cognitive abilities, scholastic aptitude, oral language, and achievement.

Normative data are based on a single sample that was administered both the cognitive and the achievement tests.  This important feature creates a highly accurate and valid diagnostic system for evaluating domain-specific skills with related cognitive abilities as well as traditional ability/achievement discrepancies.


Woodcock-Johnson III (WJ III) Tests of Cognitive Abilities

The WJ III Tests of Cognitive Abilities is based on the Cattell-Horn-Carroll (CHC) theory of cognitive abilities, which combines Cattell and Horn's theory and Carroll's three-stratum theory.  The CHC theory provides the most comprehensive framework available for understanding the structure of human cognitive abilities.

The Standard Battery consists of tests 1 through 10, and the Extended Battery includes tests 11 through 20.  Depending on the purpose and extent of the assessment, examiners can use the Standard Battery alone or in conjunction with the Extended Battery.

View WJ III Tests of Cognitive Abilities Testing Table


Woodcock-Johnson III (WJ III) Tests of Achievement

The WJ III Tests of Achievement is divided into two batteries – Standard and Extended.  The Standard Battery includes tests 1 through 12 that provide a broad set of scores.  The 10 tests in the Extended Battery provide more in-depth diagnostic information on specific academic strengths and weaknesses.  Examiners can administer the Standard Battery either alone or with the Extended Battery.

 The WJ III Cognitive Abilities and Achievement Test Batteries offer clinicians a toolbox of tests for use in the assessment of individuals.  Clinicians can refer to the Selective Testing Table and administer the sub-tests indicated to obtain diagnostic results for specific factor and cluster scores required, ensuring efficient use of testing time.

View WJ III Tests of Achievement Selective Testing Table


Woodcock-Johnson III (WJ III) Complete Battery of Tests

The WJ III Complete Kit contains both the Cognitive Abilities and Achievement Test Batteries and provides clinicians with a comprehensive assessment system for testing individuals aged 2 years to 90 years.

This cost-effective battery will provide you with valuable diagnostic information for students with a wide range of educational difficulties, as well as for the gifted and talented.

The WJ III batteries come with computer scoring and a CD for audio sub-tests.


WJ III Compuscore Scoring & Profiles Program - Australian Adaptation

(August 2009) Psychological Assessments Australia (PAA) is pleased to announce the release of the Australian Adaptation of the WJ-III NU Compuscore Scoring & Profiles Program for use with the Woodcock-Johnson III - Australian Adaptation (Tests of Cognitive Abilities and Achievement).  The Australian norms have been incorporated into this program.

This is now available to download for free for WJ-III customers who have a previous version of the WJ-III Compuscore (USA) software installed on their PC or laptop.  Please follow the instructions below to download this program from the Woodcock Munoz Foundation (WMF), USA website.  The WMF is Dr Richard Woodcock's research and development organisation which was responsible for the program's development.

         Important Information

  • The upgrade is available for Windows systems only.
  • To access the download, you will need high speed internet access with permissions to access an US website. The file is an exe.file and is 3.29MB. Appropriate persmissions from your IT Department may be required. You may need to contact your IT Support to make the neccessary security arrangements.
  • A new database will be created with this download. Your existing files will not be effected.
  • To rescore any assessment in your current system, you will need to IMPORT the assessment into your new WJ-III NU (AA) database from your old database. You will need to use the IMPORT function on the WJ III NU (AA) software that has just been installed. The transfer/import process is very fast. Once you have the assessment in your new database, you can simply rescore it against the new Australian Norms.


Contact PAA to be emailed the link and password to access the free download for the WJ III Australian norms for your existing WJ III Compuscore software.

Further Information on WJ-III Australian Normative Study including the development of the Australian norms

If you would like further information on the WJ-III Australian Adaptation and normative study, you may like to download the notes from a presentation by Kevin McGrew, PhD, co-author of the WJ-III, which was presented at the APS Annual Conference in Hobart in 2008.  Download presentation here.


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