Wepman's Auditory Discrimination Test

Wepman's Auditory Discrimination Test [ADT]
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For: Economically screens children for auditory discrimination and identifies those who may have difficulty learning the phonics necessary for reading.

Reading Level: 4 - 8 years

Format: Paper and Pencil

Length: 5 minutes

Scoring: Hand Scored

W-183 ADT Kit - $220.00
Includes 200 ADT Test, 100 each of Form 1A and 2A; 1 Manual
Hand Scoring Materials
W-183A ADT Test - Form 1A (100) - $93.50
Pad of 100 forms (for Form 1A)
W-183A(2) ADT Test - Form 2A (100) - $93.50
Pad of 100 forms (for Form 2A)
W-183B ADT Manual - $88.00
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Joseph M. Wepman, Ph.D. and William M. Reynolds, Ph.D.


The ADT is an economical way to individually screen children for auditory discrimination and to identify those who may have difficulty learning the phonics necessary for reading.

Using a very simple procedure, the Auditory Discrimination Test (ADT) assesses the child's ability to recognise the fine differences between phonemes used in English speech. The examiner reads aloud 40 pairs of words, and the child indicates, verbally or gesturally, whether the words in each pair are the same or different. The entire test can be administered and scored in just 5 minutes.

The ADT offers norms based on a stratified national sample of approximately 2,000 children. It provides standard scores and percentile norms at half-year intervals for children between the ages of 4 and 8 years. The two alternate forms (Form 1A and Form 2A) have separate norms.

Because younger children are included in the norm sample, the ADT can be used for preschool and kindergarten screening as well as elementary school assessment.

Already used with millions of children, the ADT is an effective way to identify those who are slower than average in developing auditory discrimination.



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