Suicidal Ideation Questionnaire

Suicidal Ideation Questionnaire [SIQ]
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For: Screen for suicidal ideation in adolescents (grades 10-12 for SIQ, and grades 7-9 for SIQ-JR)

Reading Level: Adolescent

Format: Paper and Pencil

Length: 10 minutes or less

Scoring: Hand Scored

1323-KT SIQ Introductory Kit - $374.00
Includes SIQ Manual, 25 each of the SIQ and SIQ-JR Hand-Scorable Answer Sheets, and Scoring Keys for each.
Hand Scoring Materials
1302-TM SIQ Professional Manual - $88.00
1303-AS SIQ HS (Hand-Scorable) Answer Sheets (25) - $115.50
Pad of 25.
1304-SK SIQ Scoring Key - $44.00
1305-AS SIQ-JR HS (Hand-Scorable) Answer Sheets (25) - $115.50
Pad of 25.
1306-SK SIQ-JR Scoring Key - $44.00
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William M. Reynolds, PhD


The SIQ assesses the frequency of suicidal thoughts in adolescents and may be used to evaluate or monitor troubled youths. Because not all depressed adolescents are suicidal and not all suicidal adolescents are depressed, the SIQ is a valuable component in a comprehensive assessment of adolescent mental health.

  • Items rated on a 7-point scale.
  • Hand-Scorable for individual or small group administration.
  • Grades 10-12 (SIQ); Grades 7-9 (SIQ-JR).
  • Use to evaluate large-scale intervention/prevention programs.
  • Reliability coefficients are .97 for the SIQ; .93-.94 for the SIQ-JR.
  • Validity consistently supported in many published content, construct, and clinical studies





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