Frontal Systems Behavior Scale

Frontal Systems Behavior Scale [FrSBe]
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For: Brief assessment of behaviour related to frontal systems damage in ages 18-95 years

Reading Level: Adult - Elder Adult

Format: Paper and Pencil

Length: 10 minutes to administer; 10-15 minutes to score

Scoring: Hand Scored

4835-KT FrSBe Introductory Kit - $495.00
Includes Professional Manual, 25 Hand-Scorable Self-Rating Test Booklets, 25 Hand-Scorable Family Rating Test Booklets, 25 Self-Rating Profile Forms, and 25 Family Rating Profile Forms.
Hand Scoring Materials
4836-TM FrSBe Professional Manual - $115.50
4837-TB FrSBe Hand-Scorable Self-Rating Test Booklets (25) - $154.00
Pack of 25.
4838-TB FrSBe Hand-Scorable Family Rating Test Booklets (25) - $154.00
Pack of 25.
4839-PF FrSBe Self-Rating Profile Forms (25) - $60.50
Pad of 25.
4846-PF FrSBe Family Rating Profile Forms (25) - $60.50
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Janet Grace, PhD, Paul F. Malloy, PhD



The FrSBe, formerly known as the Frontal Lobe Personality Scale (FLoPS), provides a brief, reliable, and valid measure of three frontal systems behavioural syndromes: apathy, disinhibition, and executive dysfunction. It also quantifies behavioural changes over time by including both baseline (retrospective) and current assessments of behaviour.

Research has demonstrated that many individuals with frontal lobe damage are capable of normal performance on traditional neuropsychological measures. However, their behaviour in natural settings is often disordered, resulting in severe impairment in social and occupational functioning. The FrSBe fills a gap in the assessment of frontal systems behavioural syndromes by providing a means to identify and quantify these behavioural problems so that they may be targeted for treatment.

The FrSBe includes a Total Score, as well as scores on three subscales related to the three frontal systems behavioural syndromes: Apathy (14 items), Disinhibition (15 items), and Executive Dysfunction (17 items). This 46-item, paper-and-pencil behaviour rating scale is much easier and less time-consuming to administer than a neuropsychological test battery. Two hand-scorable, carbonless test booklets are available: one for self-rating and one for rating by a family member or caregiver. Each item is rated on a 5-point Likert scale. Items are written at a 6th-grade reading level. Two profile forms (Self and Family) allow comparisons of behaviors pre- and post-injury/illness.

The Professional Manual provides normative data for a community-based sample of 436 men and women for two levels of education (i.e. <12 years and >12 years). Data also provided for several clinical groups, including patients with frontotemporal dementia, frontal lesions, nonfrontal stroke, head injury, Alzheimer's disease, Huntington's disease, and Parkinson's disease.

The FrSBe is particularly useful to neuropsychologists, clinical psychologists, rehabilitation psychologists and counselors, behavioural neurologists, neuropsychiatrists, and occupational therapists and speech pathologists who provide cognitive rehabilitation services.



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