Family Assessment Measure-III

Family Assessment Measure-III [FAM-III]
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For: Multilevel (within family) assessment of family functioning

Reading Level: 10 years & older, Self-report, Family-Completed

Format: Paper & pencil

Length: Approx. 20 minutes per form

Scoring: Hand Scored or Internet (MHS Online Assessment Center)

FA1P FAM-III Complete Kit - $522.50
Manual; 15 ColorPlot Profiles of Family Perceptions; 25 each of General Scale Forms; Dyadic Relationship Scale Forms; Self-Rating Scale Forms
Hand Scoring Materials
FA12P FAM-III General Scale Forms (25) - $99.00
FA13P FAM-III Dyadic Relationship Scale Forms (25) - $99.00
FA14P FAM-III Self-Rating Scale Forms (25) - $99.00
FA15P FAM-III ColorPlot Profiles of Family Perceptions (15) - $82.50
FA16P FAM-III Manual - $159.50
FA1GP FAM-III Progress ColorPlot Profiles (15) - $82.50
Online Assessment Centre
FAM100 FAM-III General Scales online forms (each) - $5.94
For use with Online Assessment Center. Note: A minimum purchase of any combination of 10 online MAC forms applies per order.
FAM101 FAM-III Dyadic Relationship Scale online forms (each) - $5.94
For use with Online Assessment Center. Note: A minimum purchase of any combination of 10 online MAC forms applies per order.
FAM102 FAM-III Self-Rating Scale online forms (each) - $5.94
For use with Online Assessment Center. Note: A minimum purchase of any combination of 10 online MAC forms applies per order.
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Harvey A. Skinner, Ph.D; Paul D. Steinhauser, M.D. & Jack Santa-Barbara, Ph.D


The FAM-III is unique in its ability to provide a multilevel (within family) assessment of family functioning across seven universal clinical parameters and two validity scales.  The FAM-III's capacity for differentiation makes it suited for clinical assessment and monitoring response to treatment.

There is a Brief FAM is ideal for preliminary screening.  It provides an overview of family functioning and can be administered and scored in 5 to 10 minutes.


Based on the Process Model of Family Functioning, the FAM-III can be completed by pre-adolescent, adolescent and adult family members.

It consists of three types of forms:

  • 50-item General Scale - examines overall family health
  • 42-item Dyadic Relationship Scale - examines how a family member views his or her relationship with another family member
  • 42-item Self-Rating Scale - allows each person to rate his or her own functioning within the family

By comparing the three scales to each other, you obtain a rich picture of how family members view levels of family interaction.

The seven parameters are:

  • Task Accomplishment
  • Communication
  • Role Performance
  • Social Desirability
  • Control
  • Affective Expression
  • Defensiveness
  • Involvement
  • Values and Norms


The FAM-III can be hand scored. QuikScore forms are used for handscoring.  The client's repsonses are transferred through to a hidden scoring page where you are guided through simple calculations to obtain scores for profiling. 

Two types of profiles are available:
1. the FAM-III ColorPlot of Family Perceptions is colour coded and prsent results in an easy-to-understand manner
2. the Progress ColorPlot shows changes in family functioning over time.

With the release of the online version of the FAM-III, you can now assess online through a secure and easy to use website, the MHS Online Assessment Center. Administer, score, and generate reports quickly and efficiently.

View the online forms available using the MHS Online Assessment Center.

(See Brief FAM product page on this website for further information.)


 Sample Reports

FAM-III Profile Report - Self Rating
FAM-III Profile Report - General Scale
FAM-III Profile Report - Dyadic Relationship



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