Test of General Reasoning Ability

Test of General Reasoning Ability [TOGRA]
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For: Screen for reasoning and problem solving skills in 10 to 75 year olds

Format: Paper & pencil, individual or group

Length: Admin time 16 minutes

Scoring: Hand Scored

10617-KT TOGRA Introductory Kit - $319.00
New! Available March 2014. Kit includes TOGRA Professional Manual and Fast Guide, 10 Blue Item Booklets, 10 Green Item Booklets, 25 Answer Sheets, Set of 5 Scoring Keys, and 25 Score Summary Forms.
Hand Scoring Materials
10620-TM TOGRA Professional Manual (with Fast Guide) - $143.00
10621-TB TOGRA Blue Resuable Item Booklets (pack of 10) - $49.50
10622-TB TOGRA Green Reusable Item Booklets (pack of 10) - $49.50
10623-AS TOGRA Answer Sheets (pack of 25) - $38.50
10624-SF TOGRA Score Summary Forms (pack of 25) - $77.00
10625-SK TOGRA Scoring Keys (set of 2) - $22.00
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Cecil R. Reynolds, PhD


The TOGRA is a speeded measure of reasoning ability and problem-solving skills designed for individual or group administration.

Features and Benefits

  • As a result of extensive expert review and statistical analysis, the TOGRA’s racial, gender, and religious bias is minimal—ideal for any measure used for selection purposes to avoid adverse impact.
  • Offers a wider variety of item content and greater test score stability than competing measures.
  • Yields a General Reasoning Index (GRI), a highly reliable score that reflects overall measurement of the general factor of reasoning and problem-solving skill.
  • Consists of items that assess verbal, nonverbal, and quantitative reasoning and problem-solving skills through tasks that are inductive as well as deductive in nature.
  • Requires only 16 minutes for administration and 2-3 minutes for scoring.
  • Administration and scoring are available through PARiConnect.

Test structure

  • Two equivalent alternate forms (Blue and Green) enable you to retest and monitor progress without worrying about practice effects.
  • Can be administered to groups or individuals and using a computer or traditional paper and pencil. This flexibility makes the TOGRA a viable option for use in human resource and related industrial settings, schools, juvenile and adult justice systems, and clinical settings.

Technical information

  • Standardized on a 2010-Census-matched sample of 3,013 individuals.
  • Multiple types of scores are provided, including z scores, normal curve equivalents, stanines, percentiles, and, for the younger ages, age equivalents.
  • An investigation of TOGRA scores’ relationship to examinees’ occupational data revealed expected patterns, with median GRI scores increasing as examinees’ industries moved from physically oriented occupations to business- and science-oriented occupations.

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