BarOn Emotional Quotient-Inventory: Youth Version

BarOn Emotional Quotient-Inventory: Youth Version [BARON EQ-I: YV]
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For: Assessment of emotional intelligence in children and adolescents

Reading Level: For ages 7-18 years, multiple language translations available

Format: Paper & pencil, Online (Internet)

Length: 60 items; 30 minutes administration time

Scoring: Hand Scored, Online (Internet)

Hand Scoring Materials
EQYV2 BarOn EQ-i Youth Version Manual - $154.00
This is the Youth Version Manual.
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EQYV82 BarOn EQi:YV Form - Online (each) - $5.94
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EQYV83 BarOn EQi:YV Short Form - Online (each) - $5.94
For use with Online Assessment Center. Note: A minimum purchase of any combination of 10 online MAC forms applies per order.
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Reuven Bar-On, Ph.D & James D.A. Parker, Ph.D


Based on the BarOn model of emotional intelligence, the BarOn EQ-i:YV measures the level of emotional and social functioning in children and adolescents.  It is used by psychologists, school counsellors, social workers, and psychiatrists to identify a child's strong and weak areas and help them develop skills.  Emotional intelligence assessment also helps you assist students in coping with demands at school.

The BarOn EQ-i:YV consists of 60 items with five subscales that probe the areas of interpersonal and intrapersonal abilities, stress management, adaptability, and general mood.  A Positive Impression scale is included to identify those who may present an exaggerated positive impression, as well as a correction factor to adjust for a positive response bias.  The Inconsistency Index identifies inconsistent response styles.


  • The BarOn EQ-i:Youth Version takes approximately 30 minutes to administer and is a self-report.  It is appropriate for persons aged 7-18 years.
  • Based on Dr Reuven BarOn's model of emotional intelligence.


Administration, scoring & report generation can be completed Online (internet administration & reporting) or through PAA's Scoring Bureau Service.

The BarOn EQ-i:YV is currently offered in online format for use with MHS Online Assessment Center.

The BarOn EQ-i:YV offers a report, providing graphical information on the total EQ score, 5 composite and 15 subscale scores.

The BarOn EQ-i:YV Short Version is also available.
(See BarOn EQ-i:YV (S) product page on this site for further details)

Sample Reports

 BarOn EQ-i: YV Profile Report 

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